Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sinful Songs: Time Warp

I have a lot of history with this song. When I was in primary school it was one of the songs we danced to at our leaving ceremony for our parents and I had no idea where it had come from or what it was about. I just thought it was one of those silly disco songs that everyone seems to like. Now I know better, and after finally getting around to watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show the other week, it struck me that this song has lyrics that remind me of D/s and subspace.

Because of that, I decided it would be great to do a blog post on. So here I present to you my new blog section: Sinful Songs.

Time Warp by Richard O'Brien from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

"I've got to keep control." (0:20-0:25)
This lyric is rather obvious: the power in a D/s relationship is usually held by one partner (at least, one partner at a time) and requires calm and patience to keep a hold of. The tone Richard O'Brien sings it in is fantastic here, since it feels very dominant and teasing to me.
"With a bit of a mind flip...
You're into a time slip...
And nothing can ever be the same.
You're spaced out on sensation,
Like you're under sedation!"
These are the lyrics that made me want to write this blog post. I feel like this is a perfect representation of what subspace is like for me: my body feels heavier and I can't focus on what is going on around me much at all. It's a beautiful feeling and one I will readily seek as often as I can. For me, subspace is a much stronger and intense feeling than an orgasm. Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn and Meat Loaf sing these lyrics very well and I find it affecting each time.

This is a great song for a wonderfully designed film and I recommend you all see it if you haven't done so already.

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