Saturday, 18 May 2013

Kink of the Week: Collars

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  1. Yes like you I love to be manhandled by my collar and you know what I love that you used the word romantic. I completely agree with that and I wish I had used that word in my piece too.


  2. I completely agree! BDSM dynamics are between the couple/s and no one else should be allowed to interfere :)

  3. If the first collar I'd had was a punk/goth-type one I wouldn't have been weirded out by it. When it's something that is a known fashion choice it becomes less weird, but when it isn't, it can be awkward. Each of my collars (except vanilla ones) have been rather blatant in what they are, so it made me nervous. I'm not one for drawing attention either, which didn't help.

  4. I too love when I am wearing one and feel the casual brush of his hand across the back of my neck on the collar. It gives me a physical shudder of pleasure, as a matter of fact!

    I'm looking forward to reading your other post on your collars - I am sure it will not be boring!

  5. I would love to wear a real collar many more hours of the day. I do wear my day collar, but would love to wear my leather collar at home. This of course will only happen once the kids have left the house. We can dream...

    Rebe xox


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