Monday, 21 January 2013

TMI Tuesday: Sexual Anecdotes

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  1. I had issues with gag as well. Have you tried using like orajel or anal ease to numb the back of your throat before. That helps tremendously.

  2. I've tried one gel like that before but it actually made it worse; the feeling of the gel in my throat made me gag worse! Plus I generally have heard bad things about numbing solutions because they tend to stop you noticing if you're in pain too. A ripped-up throat is not a happy one...

  3. Ugh, it was just so damn embarrassing! I was about to orgasm and it really put me off. I'm lucky that it didn't smell orz

    I knew it'd be funny so that's why I posted about it but it still makes me go a bit red in the face!!


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