Monday, 7 January 2013

TMI Tuesday: Rabbits

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  1. Great answers
    I believe we started #5 the same way!

    Happy TMI

  2. Coming by from TMI.. really who among us is normal. Who decided what normal is?? I think it is various shades of gray on a single scale in truth. I like the before as well.. it is hard for me to have an orgasm but I can cum over and over. The before is always better

  3. I REALLY like your answer to number 3. Basic respect/manners is still key to my way of thinking. And I understand about number 1, too. Sometimes the foreplay is much better than the intercourse/sex. And sometimes the wonderful leading up to everything is far better than a luke-warm orgasm.

  4. It's hard for me to orgasm too! I can cum a few times if I wait between them but they're pretty low quality even when they're good so the before is definitely superior.

    You're right about who decided what normal is. It varies so much it's hard to tell!

  5. Thank you! Respect and manners are very important to both Daddy and I so I would be pretty offended if someone was crude like that straight off the bat. Foreplay can be quite excellent, can't it?

  6. blog hits are good, but bong hits are better, or is it the other way around? We're in the before-cumming club together :) peace


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