Sunday, 30 June 2013

ToaGS has MOVED!

ToaGS has MOVED!Sorry to spring this on you guys but I've moved my blog over to a new hosting service and domain. If you follow any bloggers on Twitter or have kept up with blog news, you'll already know that the reason for this lies with Blogger.

A few days ago, they decided they weren't going to allow affiliate links on adult blogs anymore and sent out some emails to a few people detailing that the changes would come into effect on the 30th June. I did not get one of these emails but saw the ruckus on Twitter and resigned myself to changing host and so on. The host I have moved to is HostGator, who were highly recommended by many bloggers.

I've transferred all my posts and comments onto so nothing has been left behind (except this post). All my old posts now link to the new ones, so hopefully people will be able to get to them through any links I can't change. My Twitter, Tumblr and Google+ page will remain unchanged and I have made sure my feed redirects to the new place to try and make it easier for you all.

If you don't use any of these methods, please update your bookmarks to!

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